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Thread: Reputation Sharing to Alts

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    Default Reputation Sharing to Alts

    This isn't a suggestion to make Rep account bound or anything, and i know that you can already by the rep items and send them through the mail.

    however, i was giving this thought about how you could slightly improve this for people who raid on different toons and different shards and whatnot, without doing more of however little the grind may be.

    Character A: Awarded achievement for hitting max Reputation - This awards the account ViA the rift store a consumable item, which in turns allows you to apply Max level reputation equal to the achievement on all toons attached to your account.

    Character B: Receives the item from Rift Store, Awards the max rep associated with the achievement level.

    I had conversed with a Dev during the last CQ kill event, and my other idea would've taken an extensive amount of programming, being a programmer myself i can understand why it wasn't appealing, but i think this format could be less programming as it's kinda piggy backing of the Riftstore and the current Account wide mount sharing systems that are in place.

    Again just an idea to make it slightly easier for cross shard raiding alts.

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    Purchesable rep from a toon that has already maxed out rep to which can be sent to other characters on the same account and shard would be nice.

    Consider it a 'family' reputation thing. This is my brother, you trust me and you can trust him sort of thing. Or perhaps alts on the same acct/shard can simply gain rep faster along the same theme.

    We can no longer send currency to our alts now, or from alts to our main, but the grind per toon is very long if we want to be able to spend what VS we aquire on each one. In fact we're sort of forced to do that grind to make them worthwhile.

    Some sort of quicker way to do that would be appriciated.

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