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Thread: Nightmare expert dungeon loot (weapons/trinkets)

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    Default Nightmare expert dungeon loot (weapons/trinkets)

    Plz make them not so rare , this game is already hard enough to gear , especially if youre a new player

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    Agreed!Especially trinkets!
    I have been farming NMC for tank trinket everyday for 3 months and only seen it once.
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    It's kind of funny (and sad) that every mage item I have received in running experts is for a mage tank. The mage tank soul costs extra money. It's like Trion is pushing me hard to purchase the NT souls so I can use all the drops I'm getting.

    And watch. As soon as I get the mage tank soul, the drops will be for DPS.

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    Not likely to change soon but i agree, loot tables aren't all that well balanced. I too have a few items I've NEVER seen drop after more than 3 months of the expansion and I do run all my dungeon charges weekly, including patron boost, plus extra specific ques.

    Tank items are fare too common and perhaps should fall about 30% of the time. Too common compared to DPS and Healing gear.

    Trinkets.. are better but due to the fact the current player base is increasingly selfish I think those should be set so only the class they're designed for can NEED roll.

    It's increasingly common for people to lose out on needed items to someone who either cannot use it and just needs to salvage because they can, even it it's for an entirely different class.

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    I still have not seen a cleric dps trinket drop yet. If the droprate is going to stay this bad, how about putting them in the equipment tab of the store, for Horror marks....

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