Well i read on some post that devs dont want we salvage dim items, just because the huge amount of dim items there are in the market... and our bags

Therefore, i have some ideas to reduce this tsunami of dim items

1 NPCs fair price
Lets be honest an rare dim item than a vendor just accept one freaking silver? what the hell?
At least other stuff have more fairs prices
Maybe that can be changed, based on dim item rarity or type

2 Dailies (not crafting dailies)
I also dont understand why not dreamweaver crafting dailies, dreamweaving was long ago, in the middle of Storm Legion
So if we cannot make our dim items and give them as a quest requisite, perhaps a daily with some faction (we are in the plane of water, where dreams comes true ) that an NPC ask to get some small amount of a dim item (not the craftable ones)
And please, with fair amount of plat, SL crafting dailies were more profitable than NT crafting dailies are now

3 Turn them into adventurine without salvaging
Since this flood comes from minions, then perhaps only them can contain it, why not an NPC that ask some dim items and in return give you aventurine?

Please answer some of this, i make several suggestions, but none has been commented by the staff