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Thread: The Plane of....whatever? (just another rant)

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    Default The Plane of....whatever? (just another rant)

    I have enjoyed the content in Rift that I have played up to Nightmare Tide. I have to admit I was rather disappointed with this expansion. Nothing I've met in this new content so far has struck me as particularly different or interesting despite the overall weirdness in the zone design. This is only my opinion after a brief run through the zones, so consider this the first impression. I'd like to explain this in a little more detail on my wonderful list of things I dislike about Nightmare Tide and why:

    1. I feel like I walked into a construction zone. I walk through the gate and come into the aquarian world of the plane of water. Great - underwater zones can be a lot of fun. I talk to a decommissioned Disney character and go on my merry way until I pass through a shiny wall and plummet to the very dry ground below. It was in that moment when I looked around and felt like I'd just dived into an empty pool. I never saw the sign stating OCEAN CLOSED WHILE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Yes, yes, it has to do with the storyline, which I'll address below, but it gives me the impression that these areas aren't actually finished. It breaks my expectation of how this area will progress, but not in a good way. I feel like the kid going to the water park and being so excited about splashing around in the water, but only getting to run around in the empty pool bottom.
    Fixing it: It can be fun to play with physics in a game, particularly a magical setting, but if you're going to break the physics with vertical walls of water, there should be a better reason than because elder gods and stuff. I don't see any of these mermaids panicking... no, they're too busy quietly sitting on their rocks waiting to die. Go ahead and make your own rules, but look at the overall picture on how that's going to look to players. Mostly dry areas with blocks of water to swim around in a little bit? It makes me think the zones aren't complete, or the mechanics of swimming were so screwy that the devs gave up on most of it and decided to be land lubbers.

    2. Is this story a Little Mermaid – Lovecraft fan fiction? Elder gods, eldritch power and nightmarish creatures all are pretty familiar concepts for Lovecraft fans and certainly many stories and games have pulled from Lovecraft lore. After all, there is an entire MMO dedicated to his work (the Secret World). This is, to put it delicately, a third grade school play version of Lovecraft. Intrigue? No. Madness? Not really. Dark, mysterious and unfathomable? Sorry, fresh out. Admittedly, I haven't been too far with the overall storyline in Nightmare Tide. It may come to surprise me yet, or make me seasick.
    Fixing it: I could go on for a while on all the wrongness in using Lovecraft lore without any of the horror themes, but that's not important right now. I have continually felt like the actor asking “what's my motivation?”. Save the mermaids, blah blah blah. I really had nothing pulling me to this new continent other than being finished with the previous one and the all-too-familiar cries of “help us, Ascended! We're useless by ourselves!” Don't get me wrong, acts of heroism can make a story great, but it helps when there is a sense of urgency aside from the mermaid cheerfully telling me how the ocean is dying while she's brushing her hair. Thanks, non-specific red-haired mer-person and pet crab! Sorry, scripters, guess I'm laying part of the blame here on you.

    3. Monochromatic color schemes by Barney the Dinosaur. This is probably my biggest pet peeve. Alright, so the zones aren't completely one color, but I have noticed the overwhelming overtone of a single color in each area. This is probably mostly due to the obnoxious if not headache-inducing neon purple in Goboro Reef. Draumheim's color shift to green was much less annoying, but otherwise it seems like the exact same thing. Of course, snow is snow... nothing more to say about that. To me, it's not visually appealing and sometimes it's just plain distracting. Yes, coral reefs can be very colorful and an underwater or dream scene can be a great place to play with unusual color combinations, but this is a bit oversaturated in my book.
    Fixing it: This may be more of a grey area of personal taste, and I am certainly not an artist. I do know that this is a paint palette from my personal hell. I think it's a good idea to play with color schemes, but I also think that neon colors should be used sparingly unless you're in Las Vegas. It could be potentially very pretty (and atmospheric) to play with the lighting along with the colors. I'm not so sure about the high noon scenario with neon sea floor. Have you tried something maybe a little more gloomy? Or maybe tropical sunset? I'll take a mai tai with the last one.

    Final thoughts: This is the part of the rant where I turn inspirational and say, “come on, champ, you can do it! You can make it!” Thankfully, this isn't a heartwarming story of overcoming adversity and injustice. I, personally, haven't read any reviews or opinions on this expansion so other people could absolutely love the new content and I'd never know. If so, that's great because I'd like to see this game do well. I would really like to see another progression path to 65 so I don't feel like I have to drudge through the plane of water with all of my characters but I accept that it will probably not happen. I wouldn't mind running around in the plane of hopelessly adorable baby animals for a while, but that's another story. Just please for the love of my sanity don't make it neon purple!

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    While I to am not a fan of neon purple, you really need to do the quest lines before posting this. Its all explained by the story. As for the madness that comes when you get to Draumheim and Tarken and you start to get in to the story of the Akvan.

    There are very specific reasons why in terms of story, the way things are designed the way they are. But also from a practical standpoint this was done because many people who are not me (and apparently not you) dislike water zones immensely. This was the best way to make it work. And despite the purples, these are the best zones Trion has done (particularly Draumheim).
    Planar Breach Support Open World PVP and PVE!
    Sourcewell and PVP Rift Objective Based PVP A more resource efficient way of adding Open World Objective based PVP!
    Ember Isle Open World Style PVP Repurposing Lets do something with this amazing zone!

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    I agree on the color scheme. It is tacky. I dont even have the new dimensions from those zones because I dislike the colors.
    Then its the feeling of the zones being crumpled especially Goboro feels almost claustrophobic to me. I cant venture much further from the road without getting to some barrier. And no, not all of us are keen on fruitless jumping around just to think you got somewhere and then fall back down again. Not to mention getting stuck what is with that weird camera zoom the most annoying thing I ever experienced in a game. Try getting through the wall of water any place but where the road leads you to and you get a cliff right in your face.....

    Draumheim is so-so, not so bad colors wise but still not very much to my liking. It is too blue/green. And still full of nooks and crannies just good to be stuck in if you try to explore a little bit. The Palace place is story by itself, I try to avoid it as much as I can because it takes me about 5 min to get anywhere with constant reloading.

    Tarken is killing my graphic card with a snow. And it is still crumpled even tho it gives the feeling of space. Not many shortcuts, keep to the roads

    Overall I dislike those zones too, a lot.
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    Not all the colors are to my tastes also but the coral vividness is someones taste because a lot of players love it. Tarken Glacier is my favorite because of the "cosmicness" that separates it from the snow in IPP - snow being something loads of players like in every MMO - sounds like you need a better graphics card. Drauheim is stunning, elegant and eroded at the same time to match the under water theme of Rift as a whole and giving a Rift twist on steam punk - steam punk being my favorite in anything.

    As for Mermaids - Sirens of the Sea, they sing to lure you anywhere and remain serene in any folklore even under duress there hair usually the only thing that will become erratic. I personally hope we see the water walls as a Dimension item for more awesome variation on player made content.

    Our Plane of Water has a sunken treasure vibe, after completing the story line then running a ton of IA's I began to really enjoy all the variations of it. The moods in this game across all zones are what make Rift so stunning. Telara isn't stagnant or static, or predictable and boring.

    I hope predictable and boring will never be Rifts way and I had similar thoughts when that dome of a place called Dendrome finally opened after trying to get in it so much without success and I found myself in Hailol pink or purple just isn't my thing but there was this Beaver for a Healer which made me lmao and...

    I'm sure there is some thing you'll find you like given some adventurous exploring not critical which in itself should be motivating all on its own.
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    Have you ever fought underwater in this game? It's literally the worst. I'm very glad most of the Plane of Water is not underwater.

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    Gotta disagree OP. I'm enjoying these zones much more than Storm Legion.

    I just wish it performed better on my PC.

    Tarken Glacier rocks.
    Draumheim alternates between amazing and poor.
    Goboro Reef is okay.

    Most of it is more appealing than most of Storm Legion.

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