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Thread: Valorize Dimensions

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    Default Valorize Dimensions

    I had a few thougts about dimensions...
    I think it would be good if more players use them.
    If you enter your dimension more often, you maybe also want it to look better - So maybe the unloved Dim-Adventures from minions, Dim-Items and so on would be more interesting for more players.
    How to lure people into their dimensions ?
    - Storage Space: Chests, Cupboards, ... with space for some items.
    Maybe also sharable with defined other players (visitors), so that they can take out or put in something
    - Items providing Buffs for the next hour or so
    - Items providing Bonus on crafting while crafting in the dimension

    Of course these items should cost something or should be relatively rare. And maybe some of them should be craftable ?

    Most of these items I know from another game i formerly played where housing was much more important for this reasons

    What do you think about such features ?
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    No thanks, dimension are already annoying as they are. Im tired of deleting all the dimention items from minions.
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    you really need to play more pyro . I bet you are a warrior or rogue so your opinion is not accurate at all. By the way pyro is not even close to have the highest burst in the game tell that to a sin or warlord

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    How about locking raids for everyone who doesnt have properly built dimension with at least 400 items placed? After all we shouldnt let people miss on content, right?

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