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Thread: The usefulness of crafting

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    Default The usefulness of crafting

    A major issue with most MMOs is that crafting is a pointless endeavor after a certain point as endgame gear is never obtainable through crafting. While I can usually understand the problem of buying your way to end game gear instead of having to actually experience content in order to obtain it, I feel like there are always really easy ways to fix that. For example, buffing recipes dropped from end level raids. Making them as close to raid level as possible will severely increase QoL for crafters. Utility buffs like the ability to modify the stats more directly will also seriously help crafters find use, or maybe make items people can use on their gear to influence the stat either through RNG rerolls with the same 'maximum' or guided influence like swap this nonmain stat for another one (Example being swapping endurance on a dagger for intellect)

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    Crafting isn't pointless as far as I know. The Seal can only be obtained via crafting and requires a significant amount of crafting materials as well to upgrade it to epic. Also, again as far as I know, the current BiS cloak comes for crafting as well.

    While I do not disagree with having crafting gear be close to raiding level, maybe even better than what experts drop, I would prefer if that required a lot of farming. And by a lot, I mean A LOT. Like 1000-1500 raw mats to craft base version and upgrade to a tier that is on par with base raiding gear. Currently they require about 50-70 raw mats to get to Tier3, and that is just on par with expert blues.

    The issue with crafting now, at least from my point, is that it is bottlenecked by Void Stones. So players stay with Tier1 or Tier2 before entering dungeons, then they deal less damage than "expected" or aren't as tanky, and then QQ ensues. Also add the fact that unless a player has the mentality of a hardcore invested one, they will not use even base runes or consumables.
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    They've already stated to add a Raid level upgrade tier later.
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