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Thread: time for an updated friends list!

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    Default time for an updated friends list!

    the current way friend's list works in rift is completely outdated

    example: lets say u have 200 friends and want to find someone specific in the list.
    u will scroll down and try to find them but while scrolling down the auto update of their status will set u back to top of the list. which is already freaking annoying and can get changed with an option to disable auto update their status or set it to different times: 10 secs, 30 secs, 5 min.....

    and do not set me back to top of the list when the list updates

    the bigger issue is that u have no way to organize friends.
    the only way to remember who is who is with a note, which barley helps u in huge lists.

    pls pls trion ad folders and sub folders in the friends list.

    for example one folder: close friends, one good pvp players, one people for expert dungeon speed runs, ......

    those changes would make it ez to ad way more friends without issues unlike the current way.

    and would certainly be highly appreciated by the community.

    having a highly social game with this joke of a friend list is just ridiculous imo

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    Well, i tried to be heared for a friendlist change before
    with 0 success.

    And while the reason for my thread was the ascend-a-friend feature, an overall upgrade to the friendlist would have been great too.
    Hoping that this thread will get some attention, and the friendlist an long overdue update.
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    Rift, acend-a-friend code: E7DNGTZMQKXWGD77CC72
    Trove, refer-a-friend code: TJCQWZ3EK2MGYTEQHT9Q
    and thank you.

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