Currently, Rift uses DirectX 9, an outdated and worn technology that is trying to work beyond its capacity. I've never understood why an upgrade path was never put in place for the game engine when it was developed.

The fact that technology changes so rapidly and becomes better with most iterations (you notice I said "most"), should have been one of the most commonly held points when in development. As the game engine is currently designed, apparently it can't even upgrade to DirectX10 or DirectX11.

Most current technology, using the Microsoft platforms I have seen, actually have left DirectX 9 in the dust and are using either the 10 or the 11 iteration.

I found this article which discusses the new Windows 10 program coming down the pipeline. However, until games actually become compatible with Win10 (they still have trouble with 8), I shall stick with my Win7 for the time being.

But please, Trion, do something about the horrible DirectX9 requirement you currently have. There has got to be some way to improve your game engine so that you game actually works better. Besides the fact that most bugs reported in the game still have not been fixed, and some of them since Beta.