I would recommend a change of the PvP reward system that grants higher rewards to active players and lower rewards for inactive players.

Your activity level is measured by multiple criteria, i. e.
- conquering a control point
- defending a control point
- score a flag / sourcestone
- damage done
- healing done
- etc. (anything that requires more than jumping around the map)

The higher your activity level,
- the higher your marauderís cache rarity (change to green, blue, purple, orange)
- the higher your favor / prestige gain

For zone events I would do something similar.

Activity level measured by i. e.
- Invaders defeated
- Rifts closed
- objectives done

More activity means
- more planarite and VS
- higher chance on rare loot (300 hit weapons, lockboxes, essences etc.)

For NMR:

Activity level measured by i. e.
- Stages cleared
- Damage done
- Healing done

More activity = more rewards.


This is just a concept, the main idea is that actively participating people should be rewarded for doing more than the average and inactive players should only get basic rewards.