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Thread: Improve Arclight Rider Sound Effects

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    Default Improve Arclight Rider Sound Effects

    Now I'm sure there was a rush to get some kind of sound effects into this week's patch, but the sounds attached to the rider you use in the daily make it seem like a bass boat with an overworked outboard motor.

    Are the effects attached to the mount you can get in the chest, or the mount you can buy with the daily currencies the same?

    The mount just looks and feels like it needs something that sounds more science-fictiony (it's a word now). I dunno, maybe like a fighter jet sound with some bass "swish" to it. lol

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    The sound is totally ... -.-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seshatar View Post

    The sound is totally ... -.-
    The sound is so annoying which made me instantly switch to another mount again. Plus it is bugged, when i used the Arclight and switched to my Swift Armored Ash Strider the "stand still"-sound effect (sound when mounted but not moving) from the Arclight was there until i made a relog. Switching to another mount does not solve the problem though, because so many people use this mount right now that it's pretty much the only sound you hear in the city.
    Please change the sound or better, remove it again. It was so nice to have a mount for a few days that does not make annoying sounds at all.
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    It made me immediately leave where I was. (The Manufactury in Meridian...)

    Please tone down the sound.
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