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Thread: Fijarebirth's big list of suggestions.

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    Default Fijarebirth's big list of suggestions.

    Hello all, I'm Fijarebirth! You might know me from leading bad CQs or being an Arb/Dom that plays...okay. But thankfully I still know enough about RIFT to begin to make some suggestions. Hopefully I will be able to add-on additional suggestions from the community but for now just mine!

    Planar Zone Events

    After the..."fun" that was the Sparkle Weekly quest, I think most people have come to the conclusion that Nightmare Tide Zone events are pretty boring. 100 invasions and 6 rifts, over and over and over and over. I know that 3.1 is bringing in some new stuff, and fortress events in some areas have been turned back on, but here are some of my suggestions.

    Make Zone Events Challenging

    To that end I mean that some Zone events should have 2 Aspects: Ascended will most likely be killed and it can be failed.

    To the first aspect, Individual Planar Invasions need to have a look at. Outside of taking on 20 Major invasions with your Anti-Planar-Augment on CD, they present very little threat. What I suggest is a new kind of invasion mob that actually presents a level of danger.

    The Anti Ascended Invasion! Catchy name I know. Regardless this invasion would consist of 5 "leader" type mobs, having the highest health compared to normal invasions where it is usually a leader and 2 lower health mobs. To this end, Anti-Planar augments Damage bonus against invasions would be Nullifed against these units. The damage reduction still applies. These Invasions would use Crowd Control, Burn cooldowns and present a challenge or even near certain death if encountered by solo Ascended. They would also reward increased exp, Pelagic Order Reputation, and chances at gear that I will be later discussing.

    For the pre-invasion Mechanics/Boss, I would love to see what you guys can do. I'm talking Events that take some thinking to do or coordination. Events that come to mind , and I do not know them offhand by name mind you, are the Scarwood Reach Life event involving Prince Hylas, the Scarlet Gorge event involving the Plane of fire, The Morban event that also centers around the plane of fire and tops off with the final battle taking place atop a giant floating piece of land. Those events have character and some enjoyment to do, even repeated times as most players do. Try to recapture that.."magic" from chocolate Rift where people were first doing zone events.

    For the Boss them self, difficulty needs to match the event. But even now most Zone event bosses are complete pushovers (Looking at you Howling Fury Boss). But for harder zone events there should be some light mechanics involved as well. Actual tanks being used, Tank swaps, interuppts, groud AOE to avoid. Things that will give players more to do than basically hitting a Practice Dummy that spits out some Void Stones. Things that make players use Cooldowns smartly!

    And since we are on the topic of Zone events, lets move on to the next suggestion...

    Improved Zone Event/Invasion loot

    I am not talking about the uber rare epic weapons that have a SLIM chance of dropping in zone events. I am talking about giving players more rewards than just 100k PA a Notoriety Token and Void Stones.

    I'm talking about Sourcestone containers that drop from Pre NMT invasions sometimes.
    I'm talking about letting Zone events have a SLIM but not as SLIM chance at dropping Voidshine Equipment. To that end I would also like to see some Voidshine Weapons added to the list! I'm talking about Consumables from specific elemental invasions. Planarite is not enough of an incentive nor reward to participate in an event outside of someone "tagging" a boss or invasions. And I'm talking about for the High End zone event bosses, like the upcoming Leviathan Event, having a tiny tiny chance for Frozen Hearts to those who FULLY participate, not taggers.

    In short, let the time investment in zone events be more rewarding and enjoyable.

    And now to move on to a particular aspect of both normal gameplay and invasions.

    Make Rifts Challenging

    Again the threat of dying outside of a major event is very slim even for a competent solo player. What I suggest is bringing back in a way, Expert Rifts. Now I know they were removed and never to be heard/spoken of again. But hear me out. These Expert Rifts would spawn like any other normal rift, so no lures involved outside of random chance. These expert Rifts mobs would still scale in health like Rift creatures do now. so even a raid group coming along would still have to do some work and some mechanics. These rifts would not spawn chests like they used to. Every participant would be rewarded, though RNG would come into play as to how much reward. These rewards would be similar, though of lesser quality, to Expert drops that are Rare. To make these Rifts appealing even to a geared Raider, these expert rifts would also have slim chances at dropping accelerators, epic essences (though they would not include 210 resist ones) and even another SLIM chance at a Frozen Heart.
    And a higher but still slim chance for people to get hearts from Raid Rifts.

    If Expert Rifts are out of the question, include some rare spawn rifts that are much more challenging than your average rift. Enough that a group needs to tackle it. Enough for someone to say in Guildchat/Crossevents that they have found a Rare Rift! Something akin to Raid Rifts but not as lucrative but still enjoyable to do.

    And that is Part 1: Planar Events/Invasions/Rifts. Tune in for Part two:Player Versus Player!

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    Default Part 2: PVP Suggestions!

    Hello again, guess who. Yes, it is me Fijarebirth putting in my suggestions for PVP. Though 3.1 has launched I feel that my above post concerning zone events is still quite accurate and therefore shall remain the same. Pvp suggestions will take into account some of the welcome changes that Trion has implemented. But there is always room for improvement! So let us begin!

    Putting All Your Eggs Into One Basket

    By this, I mean

    Lack of Class Diversity In PVP

    I am mostly Looking at MM, Inquis and Pyro at the moment for dps specs. Paragon , although hard hitting, does have some weaknesses. But for the other 3 classes they all do waaaay to much for one class. One single spec should not have multiple of the following: debuff removal, interuppts, long crowd control abilities, CC breakers, Healing Reduction, Self Shiedling/Healing. When you put all those things into one spec it makes all other specs, outside of healing and some tanking/"speciality" specs subpar. Since I am a mage, I shall give an example!

    Let us take Pyromancer. Pyromancer brings to the field the following kit: Burst Damage, a root, a stun, a debilitate, 2 self shields, a Dps+Damage Reduction cooldown in one spell and a "finisher" in the form of Inferno. That is a lot for one spec.

    Let us take a look in comparison to another ST Dps spec that has come into the limelight due to patch 3.1, that being Necromancer. Necromancer Brings to the field the following kit: Pets, 2 Minion Cooldowns, Healing Reduction, Buff Removal, Snares, Self Healing, Damage Interception.

    Some might say "Hey, that looks like a pretty meaty kit as well" And it is. Necromancer, to me, is where a classes utility in PvP should be. Limited but still useful. A necromancer does NOT bring to the field Hard Crowd Control like stuns/transforms/debilitates. It DOES take time to ramp up its damage, unlike pyromancer who can unload most of his DPS in quick bursts.

    We need to take a look at ALL specs and let them each all have either Niche appeal, or general useage, not one size fits all builds. Yes, some builds will outshine others, it is the nature of the game. But there is a difference between being better in some situations than being Best in all situations.

    So I say again..lets take a look at ALL specs, Healing Dps Tank and Support, and find ways to bring them, if not broken, up to par on an agreed upon level of power. I leave this part of the discussion up for debate because it is multifaceted and I have in no way covered every base.

    And now to my next point, healing. And now for words in a big font to show we are onto the next subject:

    Healing is still somewhat broken

    This has multiple areas as well that need attention. First off are Instant Cast Heals. Outside of a hard CC there is pretty much no way to control some healing classes abilities to heal since a vast majority of their healing is dona Instant Casts. All healing classes at the moment have them, and in pvp all classes take advantage of them.

    My suggestion for these abilities, and I'm going to get a bit of flak about it I know, is to increase the healing reduction amount that they receive in pvp. To compensate, decrease the healing reduction amount for healing spells with cast times. This would make smart useage of cast time spells more rewarding, while making instant cast spamming less rewarding to do so. Risk needs to give more reward, and less risk needs to give less reward. This should apply to healing as well.

    Next up on my list:


    This is another case of little risk but huge reward, bigger in some healing classes cases but overall too strong in general. The issue is somewhat addressed with the mastery that for all classes causes 50% of your SP/AP in damage to the Enemy. However, with the pvp damage reduction and in some cases the actual cleanse doing healing it does nothing to discourage dispelling. To address Dispels I advise the following suggestions...

    Add Dispel Immunity Akin to CC immunity

    To this I mean let there be a cooldown window where a single caster cannot successfully apply another dispel for a short period of time. This would NOT be a shard immunity window, it would be on an individual basis. This means that targeted dispels and group dispels would still be useful but not spammable on the same target over and over and over.

    Increase Mana/Energy Cost for Dispelling

    And I mean to a great amount. Possibly even give the dispeller a debuff that increases the mana cost for each consecutive dispel in a short amount of time. There needs to be some level of risk for using any abilitiy, and at this time there is very limited amount of risk for using cleanses/dispels.

    Add more Abilities that punish dispelling/healing

    As mage is my main class, I will use name some that punish dispel spamming, those being Neddra's Torture and Malevolent Shield. One debilitates the dispeller, while the other reapplies itself. I would love to see more options for other classes like these to "counter" dispelling. One to counter healing that comes from the mage kit is Last Gasp in the Necromancer soul tree. When healed it applies another stack of the DoT aspect of Last gasp, and when it hits 5 stacks it now does flat damage when the target is healed. More abilities like these would not only diversify some specs but also give healers a reason to decide between using a healing spell or using a dispel in some cases.

    Have Dispels Reduce the CC immunity Timer

    For this, I shall give an example. As some of you know I do have an Arm/Dom spec that I use to spam CC in warfronts. It is a rather annoying spec but the damage it does in negligible. However it is easily countered by dispel spamming. Smart use of a CC break is one thing, but having targeted CC, including stuns/debilities, not only transforms, should have some downside to dispel. Right now dispels are essentially a CC break for another player with no cooldown that gives that player immunity to all forms of cc after the break. So my suggestions, once a Dispel is used it shaves a good portion off the CC immunity timer. How much time can be debated, but there needs to be a drawback to using a dispel.

    But this does bring up one issue, one that even I have abused since..it is abuse-able and , though not very fun to deal with, is a "viable" way to capture points.

    Spamming CC on Capture Nodes

    Case in point. I'm in my dom spec, and another player is in..whatever spec really. I use ym squrriel, he cc breaks it. I then run around until the CC immunity is over, and then proceed to capture the point/ grab the rune. It is a rather cheap tactic and quite annoying for the other player. To counter this, I would advise that, in small but still sizable radius, crowd control around a NEUTRAL point is cut in half. This would prevent these kinds of encounter while at contested points still make Crowd Control viable to use.

    And, for now, that is all the PVP suggestions I can think of. Please feel free to add your own suggestions/comments/critques/issues with my ideas but know they are just that: ideas. They are in no way concrete. Thank you for taking the time to read part 2 of my suggestions!

    Part 3: The New Player Experience! Tune in

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