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Thread: Another suggestion for pvp rewards

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    Default Another suggestion for pvp rewards

    To keep players to the end of the match...a Small amount of Marks for the losers to make it worth doing.
    A quest to do x amount of matches not just win.

    At the moment If your on the losing team time after time, it doesnt make it worth staying in when you know u will get nothing, better to leave and do anything else till you can go back in and hopefully get a winning team.

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    This idea was already discussed, it will prompt more afk'ers. Best thing until the match making and gear/ stats issues are refined better, is to not bail out and provide your team "team work". It is amazing how many bail on the first wipe, "o no cupcake is healing the other side", they scored 1 point out of 500. If those bailers would have stayed they would have seen the team they bailed on, win.

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