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Thread: Upgrade prestige abilities to 3.0 standards

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    Default Upgrade prestige abilities to 3.0 standards

    The prestige system is something unique to rift and I love it. With the release of 3.0, I noticed that the "free" rift consumables you gain with prestige points did not correctly upgrade to the 3.0 versions.

    I would also like to see the temporary runes you can put on weapons and armor with the prestige system get a buff. 80 attack power was great for level 60, but at 65 is far behind what gear requires. There are buyable temporary runes, but they are rather expensive.

    With the state of PVP where it is, I think it could use some work. I have two toons that are considered in the "overgeared" category in PVP. I do see why players with no gear are not liking PVP because the bolstered stats are way too low. Raid gear is not bolstered down and offers more armor, endurance, and overall stats.

    I'm loving 3.0, but I don't want to see small aspects of the game be overlooked. With the prestige issue, it may offbalance the current calculations to keep balanced DPS.

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    prestige? That's PvP rank. I assume you mean Planar Attunement ? iirc this is being improved in 3.1
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    New Planar Attunement trees are coming, probably for 3.1. They're on PTS since 2nd Jan.
    There's new PA consumes that are all adjusted to NT-quality.

    So say Salvaged Tablet, Renewing Pod, Consuming Fissure/etc.
    The enchants also have new versions: i.e. Flaring Emblem which increases Spell Power by 280 for 2hrs (applied to 1h/2h).

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    Do you mean favor?

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