Instances in RIFT are great and tons of fun for everyone Raids in RIFT are even more fun. Saild in most cases raids in rift are an intresting challange the opens it's doors during late game.

With a Flashpoints players can follow RIFTs Story as they could enter the Classic RIFT Raids like: Rise of the Phoenix, Drowned Halls, Hammerknell etc, as Flashpoints teleport the players back in time and straight to the battlefield of RIFT's Classic Raids.

As our Equipment has gotten a lot better as it was back in time, Flashpoints could be a fun experience nearly like isntant adventures for 5 to 10 random Level 50 to 65.Players.

Players under level 65 will be upped to to lvl 65 during a Flashpoint. To be able to quee for a Flashpoint, palyers would requier the "Omen Sight" (If no second tank is available, a Tank pet would could be handy due to certain boss abilities. But in most cases a party could out damage a few abilities of the bosses)

If a Flashpoint is successfully done, players would gain Source Stones, Planrite depending on their level and also Crusader Marks and Fragments of Horror if Levl 65. Old Relic Armors and Weapons could drop here as a Wardrobe togther with some stuff with some decent stats.

High-Level Players would also be granted with a reward for guiding lower level players through a flashpoint

With this way Raids could loose a bit it's scare factor and low level players could sniff the air from raids and check if they could imagine to raid the really big dudes during their high level era.