Hello all,

I am a returning player after taking a break for real life (we've all been there). On my return, I have noticed the game has changed vastly, with the F2P, and the market place. My returning issues are the having to purchase new souls separately and expansions. My suggestion is why not put the newest expansion with souls into one purchase? There's an ultimate pack for $150 and that doesn't even include any souls? I could see myself willing to purchase a $50 expansion and pay a little more for the souls, but not willing to pay $150 for nothing really at all. Not to mention no bonus on buying expansions or anything with credits? Seems a bit harsh.

Of course this can/is a complaint for a returning player, I just don't want to have to invest hundreds of dollars into a game I used to just Sub to and buy an expansion. I was curious if this is something that could be considered? I appreciate the time, and please no trolls on this; just a returning player trying to help more like me get back into this great game.