The one weekly I just can't get myself to complete is the 2000 CQ kills one. I think it's unreasonable to exclusively award kill count, because there's so much more to CQ. Therefore, I propose the following:

* instead of 2000 kills, players now need a certain amount of conquest contribution points (CCP)
* every kill awards 1 CCP
* (in Stillmoor CQ) upgrading turret with nexus infusion awards some CCP
* (in Stillmoor CQ) infusing an extractor with a sourcestone awards some CCP
* (in Stillmoor CQ) capturing an extractor after contributing to taking it (dealing a certain amount of damage, or healing people who did) awards some CCP
* (in Stillmoor CQ) defeating special monsters like the war golem awards some CCP
* crafting a conquest faction-wide buff awards some CCP
* depositing over a certain amount of sourcestone to your side's deposit awards some CCP
* (in Steppes of Infinity CQ) reversing polarity awards some CCP

This way, players would get rewarded for actually playing Conquest, rather than just for zerging mass kills. That would make a lot more sense, and in my opinion, be a lot more fun.