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    Default IA Contribution -> IA Bonus Completion

    Why not implement a system where contribution towards completion of an IA is logged, and those that contribute most are given a chance at a "bonus" IA completion?

    e.g. if we must kill 28 satyrs and someone kills 14/28, there is an unlisted chance at receiving 2 IA completions rather than one - not guaranteed by any means, but higher than the guy on /follow or autowalking into a tree.

    1) Faster IA completion - everyone loves their variable ratio reward system!
    2) Faster IA weekly completion - higher level players have a greater chance of contribution due to being mentored.
    3) Faster IA levelling - lower leveled players are experiencing faster IAs now.

    1) Less manpower in IAs because instead of doing 30 per week, some people are doing 30 less their bonuses?
    2) Doesn't eliminate leeching (but would decrease it, I would postulate).

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    The reason we avoid such a system is that it turns IA into a competitive system instead of a cooperative one.

    We are looking at multiple other systems to deal with leeching, however.
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    No offence, but IA is very boring., people only join it because of the weekly and unless you do some huge changes which would make it interesting people will slack and keep leeching.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlwaysHealNeverDie View Post
    ...people only join it because of the weekly...
    People join any activity solely for the reward. It's very very VERY rare to do something that doesn't help in the stat growth of your character. Dimensions is one.

    This can (d)evolve into a discussion of optional versus mandatory content. If the rewards of a type of content are helping in the progress of a character, then players will feel that they have to do it. If the rewards do not help, or there are other ways that offer them at a faster pace, it becomes a niche, rarely used feature.

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