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Thread: Kamar-System! A cool soical system with nice benefits and penalities for some

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    Default Kamar-System! A cool soical system with nice benefits and penalities for some

    Sugestion: Kamar-System

    The Kamar-System is a, social-system to easy and quickly track the players and the guilds general attitude and behaving. Kamar-Points are gained passively ingame. Depending on the players attitude and behaving, postive or negativ Kamar-Points are earned. Players who are having a good Kamar will benefit from the Kamar-System, with some nice features. Player with a bad Kamar will feel some penalities.

    The Players Kamar-Meter can be seen in a new Tab in the Character-Window and can also be globaly seen by other players under the Inspect Tab.

    (Positiv) +10.000 ----- +5000 ------ 0 (Neutral) ------ -5000 ------ -10.000 (Negativ)

    Some ideas of how to loose Kamar-Points:
    -25 using offensive language
    -50 behaving radical or racist
    -100 Ninja need-rolling on stuff which is not for you're class during LFG Instance
    -100 stealing Mobs, Loot or Triggers to Activate during PVE
    -250 kicked from PvP due to AFK
    -250 Vote kicked from the LFG Group
    -500 Didn't pay a C.O.D Mail with a value of 1000p+ for longer than 7/14/30 Days
    -500 Ragequit during PVP/Instances and becomming deserter due to the leave
    -750 beeing excluded from the guild (and not joining back within 14 days)
    -1000 offending a GM or Admin
    -2500 beeing banned or locked from Rift for a limited amount of time
    -2500 beeing banned form the official forums
    -5000 detected during Bug using
    -10000 deteced during Hacking, Cheating or Gold Selling

    Some ideas of how to gain Kamar-Points:
    +6 joining an LFG instace as DPS
    +8 joining an LFG instance as Support
    +10 joining an LFG instance as Tank/Healer
    +25 completing the Guild Quests and Weekly Quests
    +25 completing objectives, successfull in PvP
    +50 Earining a Profession Award
    +50 for each Guild Member when the Guild has a Level Up
    +125 gaining you first Mount/Pet (awarded 1 time only, each)
    +150 Creating a Guild with at least 5 people (awarded 1 time only, each)
    +150 reaching max notoriety in a fraction
    +150 Completing a hard archievment
    +150 Completing all archivements from a certain Instance/Raid or world content
    +200 Buying a Guild Bank Slot for you're Guild
    +200 Buying a Guild Dimension Upgrade
    +200 for each Guild Member when the Guild they are in reaches Level 10/20/25
    +250 Completing a random Warfront from the start to finish and win it.
    +250 Completing a LFG-Instance from start to finish with the Group you randomly joined
    +500 Completing a LFG-Instance with more than 5 Wipes which takes more than 60min
    +500 Rapid Assault the LFG-Instance, with the Group you randomly joined.
    +750 Rapid Assault a 10/20 player Raid with you´re 10/20 player group
    +750 For each party member, if an Expert-Instance is completed: Shard First
    +1000 For each party member, if a Raid is done: Shard First

    Kamar Benefits and Penatlities:
    Player's who have Positiv-Kamar will always quee together during PVP/Instances and will Benfit from each Positiv-Kamar-Tier they reach. Each Kamar Tier stacks with those from before. Players with a good Kamar can still create a group with players who have a bad kamar when they have them in the friendlist. Players with a bad kamar will gain 5% more kamar points if he/she plays in a group with a player with a good kamar. This is desinged to beeing able to help,you're friends or guildies. To reiceve the 5% Bonus the Player must have been added to the friendlist before the Kamar dropped to negative.

    Kamar Benefits:
    Positive Tier 1: +500 to +2500 Kamar-Points
    +2,5% EXP, +1 Planar Charge and currency cap increased for free players by +500p

    Positive Tier 2: +2501 to +5000 Kamar-Points
    +2,5% EXP, +1,5% Notoriety and currency gained from from all sources. +1 Planar Charge. Free players can now place up to 3 auctions, in the Auction House and have their currency cap for free players increased by +500p

    Positive Tier 3: +5001 to +7500 Kamar-Points
    +5% EXP, +1,5% Notoriety and currency gained from from all sources, +1 Planar Charge. Access to special Kamar-Vendor with Items and a random Daily login bonus.

    Positive Tier 4: +7501 - 9999 Kamar-Points
    -2.5% NPC prices, 2x Bonus Charge for PVP and Instacnes, Access to a Kamar-Vendor with Items and a random weekly login-bonus, Free Player are now able to use the Auction House and can place up to 8 auctions per day.

    Positive Tier 5: +10.000 Kamar-Points
    -2.5% NPC prices. If +10.000 Kamar-Points are kept for at least 7 Days players can reiceve a Lock-Box from their Weekly Postive Tier4: Bonus, -10% Profession-Currency cost reduced for the vendor receips. (If reached for the first time: +250 Guild Kamar)

    Kamar Penalities:
    Player's with a negativ kamar are forced to quee together, during PVP, Instances and instant Adventures, This is designed to keep away players with a negative attitude from players who have farmed positive Kamar.

    Negative Tier 1: -500 to -2500 Kamar-Points
    -5% EXP, -5% Notoriety and Currency ganined form all sources, -1 max Planar Charge

    Negative Tier 2: -2501 to -5000 Kamar-Points
    -5% EXP, -10% max Soul Vitality, -1 max Planar Charge,

    Negative Tier 3: -5001 to -7.500 Kamar-Points
    -1 max Planar Charge, -10% max Soul Vitality, 5% Base Stats and +10% AH/NPC prices

    Negative Tier 4: -7501 - 9.999 Kamar-Points
    Auction House limited to 2 items (for Patron), Trades disabled for Free Players and Patrons.. +50% soul mend costs

    Negative Tier 5: "The KamarGeddon": -10.000 Kamar-Points
    3 Days banned from RIFT. Chat/Instances/PvP disabled, +50% soul mend costs (-250 Guild Kamar), Mounts and Pets are scared and wont be useable till negative Kamar-Tier: 3, is reached. The Location of Nightmare-RIFTs is locked, till negativ Kamar-Tier: 3, is reached. Players who have a KamarGeddon penality are also excluded from support for 14 Days, due to their extreme missbehave.

    Guild Kamar
    The Guilds Kamar can be seen in the guild tab and also in the Guild-Finder. The Guild's Kamar-Value is basicly an average of all Guild-Members. A guild with loyal members who have good attitude will have a mich higher Kamar-Ranking than a guild with players who have a bad attitude.

    Cool Guild Kamar Beneifts:
    +1500 Points: +5% EXP, for every player in the Guild
    +2500 Points: -25% Soul mend costs. Banker and Guild Banker for the Guild Dimension
    +5000 Points: Class Trainers for the Guild-Dimension and, -5min, Soul Walk, cooldown
    +7500 Points: Porticulum, for the Guild-Dimension and +5% Loot Chance, for all Guildies!
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    Forgot to type this in the first post:

    How to leave an LFG Group without a Penality with this System?
    Player who are in an Instance but do not have to time to end the instance can Vote for their Self: Forfeit. For all in the Party a Vot Window will pop up with the Text: PlayerName want's to forfeit and leave the Instance.

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