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Thread: Revamping Diminsions and Dreamweaver Profession

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    Default Revamping Diminsions and Dreamweaver Profession

    Dimension items are out of control. Trion recently put a bandaid on an amputated leg. Dimensions are for the most part not useful. They consume a bit of time but for most people the time invested=/= reward gained/entertainment value. Dreamweaver profession takes a useful and high vale item( artifacts) and turns it into a nearly useless and over abundant item( dimension items and keys) Making the dreamweaving profession neither profitable or worth investing in for personal use( again time and money invested =/= reward gained/ entertainment value). Simply put both dimensions and dreamweaving are a massive failure that a large amount of trion human resources were put into creating thousands of items that most people trash and thus add no value to the game itself.

    Rift team member Gingers post on the out of control dimension items and a storage system for them in a related thread "
    Quote Originally Posted by Gingers View Post
    As a dimensioneer myself I know how much of a problem inventory space is for dimension items. There is no simple fix for this, anything we do would require a lot of ui engineering time and that has been the reason we haven't been able to do this yet since his time is already dedicated to other ui features.

    As a short term "fix" to help we do plan on making something to allow dimensioneers easy regular access to their banks from within their dimensions, I don't have word on what or when this will be. Believe me, I know that doesn't fix it but hopefully that will ease the pain.

    I too would love a "collections" type of system broken down into groups, that I agree would be the most ideal solution which I'd love to work on. We have something similar planned for another part of RIFT so perhaps once that feature is implemented, that will pave the way for it to be applied to dimensions.
    I have a much easier fix to the greater problem that would also help the storage problem too.

    Step #1: Minion rewards
    A) Decrease the chance of getting a minion adventure for dimension items and keys by 25%
    B) Remove all White Dimension items from minion rewards.
    C) No 5 min dimension adventures.
    D) 15 min minion dimension adventures would award 1 green item.
    E) Chest would award max items = stars. So a 3 star chest would award a max of 3 items. Item rarity would be based on chest type.

    Result: The over abundance of white items will disappear. Their will be less trash being sold back to the game or destroyed and a less clutter on the AH. Freeing up time for players and resources for the server(s).
    Step #2 Vendors
    A) All white items are sold at dimension vendors
    B) Vendors are placed in each major "city" in each zone selling white dimension items related to that zone.

    Result: White items are available to those who need them. However since the game creates the item when it is purchased supply will = demand and thus only what is needed will be created.

    Step #3: Making dimensions useful.

    Right now dimensions are somewhat like building a model airplane. However unlike a model airplane a lot of resources are put into dimensions. But not a lot of people spend that much time on dimensions so time invested=/= value on any scale. So:
    A) Make dimensions expandable not only in amount of items but in area.
    B) Add things to do in dimensions besides editing the dimension. Such as harvesting/foraging, games, quests, personal rifts. Give us a reason to spend time there.
    C) Add more interactive items to dimensions.

    Result: More people spending time in dimensions...making them a more exciting part of the game rather than an annoyance of mostly junk items they are now.
    Step #4: Dreamweaving: The Failed Profession.

    This profession takes a useful and valuable item (artifacts) and turns it into an useless and worthless item. This profession fails on many levels.

    A) Instead of artifacts being used as material..dimension items should be used...but only green or better dimension items can be used( thus not ones sold at vendors).
    B) Dreamweaver items and keys are unique only to dreamweaving. These items cannot be obtained any other way.
    C) Keep dream orbs how they are.
    D) Dream Keys??: New item created and used to expand dimensions physically( more area). Level 1 key will expand the dimension the first level. Level 2 key will expand it the second level and would require say 2 level 1 keys and some random crafting material to make. etc etc.
    E) Weaves: Weaves would be a new consumable item set made by dreamweavers. Items have different strengths with min level requirements similar to other consumables. All weaves have a 2 min cooldown that is only shared with other weaves. Examples:
    1) Shield Weave: Grants the caster an absorption shield for 1 min based on level of Weave.
    2) Nightmare Weave: Causes up to 5 enemies within 10m of the caster to run away in fear for 10 sec.
    3) Horrific Weave: Causes up to 5 enemies near the caster to freeze for 10 sec( Interrupts and roots until damage is taken).
    4) Weave of Health: Heals the caster.
    5) Weave of Shared Health: Heals up to 5 raid members.
    6) Explosive Weave: Targeted weave that damages up to 5 enemies from center of explosion, interrupts and knocks them back 10 feet.
    7) Weave of Life and Death: Damages up to 5 enemies within 10m of the caster and restores the caster for half of the damage.


    I think these changes would greatly improve dimensions, dreamweaving, and the game overall.

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    I personally don't want the dim adventures cut by any amount. I want the rep ones cut or gone. Now, they could take the building blocks out of the rewards table....

    Your #3 isn't probably going to happen, as the amount of space/number of items has been discussed ad infinitum ad nauseam by people, and the devs have answered that no changes are planned (may have to do with overall server stability, I don't really know....) As it is right now, with a few interactives in any given dim, they tend not to work correctly....

    Some of your #4 ideas are interesting. I'd go for most of them, though personally I'd never use the "weave" things.
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