Territory Wars.
My suggestion is to bring a territory wars system into Rift at it’s current state. I feel that it is something which would help build a sense of competition between guilds as well as work as team building things for guilds to take part in. I am aware that we already have ways for pvp such as Warfronts or Conquest. But I feel that they don't give the same opportunities for players and guilds and really lack in a necessity for communication and strategy.

Of course, there are raids for guilds to partake in ranging from 10 - 20 man raids. From those 10 - 20 players I would assume that most groups are already preset and rarely deviate from the normal people. Sure maybe swapping out a few players from week to week. But all in all it is of course largely the same people. Those players with the best gear, the highest dps, the most experience. And naturally it would be in the favor of a guild to bring all their best players to these territory wars as well.

The size of these wars which I am speaking of would range to as few as 10 to as many as 100 players in a war. However, sending 0 people to a war would automatically be considered a lose.

I feel that in a ‘TW’ setting that players of all levels have the opportunity to take part in guild activities. The lower level players could of course go to fight the other players but it might not be in their best interest but if there is a quest in the spawn zone for a ‘fetch quest’ that contributes to the overall score for a team. They would have objectives for war. And then the highest level players would be somewhat required to protect or better said escort the lower levels in on their quests.

This does bring up a problem about stats and how strong the lower levels would be versus how strong the higher levels. So naturally I would suggest that the objective for the ‘fetch quest’ would upon pick up give the carriers a huge hp pool, with boosts in Defence, and reduced movement speed. Now buffs would sound too appealing for the high levels to pick up and use against the other players, so I would opt for a negative effect on the carriers of -100% attack or simply disable their ability to cast.

The players who are not doing the fetch quest can pick up quests to capture bases or kill quests. Which would also contribute to the total score of the fight. Of course all kills outside of the quests would also count for points to victory. But the primary goal for the higher levels would be to capture and defend bases.

The way I envision the actual battlefront map is similar to the warfront Whitefall Steppes but much larger. Each team base would have the npc’s for the quests. And that is where your team would spawn. Otherwise there would be 5 other sub bases which generate points over time while they are being held. (i.e. bases as in Blighted Antichamber, The Codex, Black Garden)

Aside from guild building I feel that these Territory Wars should be beneficial to the players, so each quest completed would give exp (pa exp), planar currency, guild exp, and/or a Set number of Gear boxes.

Please feel free to comment and write your thoughts on the post.