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Thread: Remove Attaniam Crystals from dimension boxes.

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    Default Remove Attaniam Crystals from dimension boxes.

    Once nice QoL improvement would be to remove the attaniam crystals from the dimension boxes and have them arrive seperately.

    For many of us this would allow us to not have to even open the boxes and then we could simply sill the boxes or drop them in the guild bank.

    Right now, many are extremely frustrated with the amount of game time we are spending on minion dimension items. From my calculations I spend at least 2 hours a week on it. This tedious time and the type of thing that has made me leave games in the past. Once you realize you are spending more time doing tedious things than fun things, the game is over.

    I know you are talking about a shuffle, but if that costs anything, it will only make things worse since it will seem like a cash grab to avoid tedium.

    This would be one way to remove a bit of tedium from minions. Hopefully you can find more things to remove the tedium, because minions have really diminished the game.

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    They've already stated that this is planned.

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