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Thread: Minion adventure overhaul that fixes much more than it potentially breaks

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    Default Minion adventure overhaul that fixes much more than it potentially breaks

    1. Leave loot tables, costs, rolling 4 random adventures at a time as it is.
    2. Leave first minion experience adventure as it is.
    3. Let player decide the length of those three remaining adventures effectively choosing which of 5m/15m/8h/10h each adventure will be with corresponding rewards.
    4. Potentially let choose all 4 and pick 1m minion exp one but I think it is way too imba.

    what will it do:
    1. Get rid of unwanted adventures paying 5m time and 1 minion stamina. It opens more windows to farm certain things given player wants. E.g. I want artifacts, cloth and a bit of dimension items but I end up with tons of ore, wood and fish which I have no choice but to flood AH with. Yes, I get plat for that and can buy what I need with that plat instead, but this is getting really tedious, I'm a crafter, not a trader.
    2. Market won't really change as it is flooded as it is. Some things will go down in price with lots of farmers, some things will disappear from AH because it has 100s of items and 1-3 are bought per day.because nobody needs those. Good riddance.
    3. You may have wanted the price of rerolling adventures to be higher than that. Yes, it could cost aventurine to change adventure length, but given changes have nothing to do with how much you get, rather with what exactly you get so 5 minutes of time and 1 stamina on minion you don't farm with opens a lot room for snowballing, but you end up with truckloads of stuff anyway, just not with the stuff you want.
    4. It'll let you not get tied to those basic timers and introduce 24h 20 stamina adventure or something without rebuilding the whole thing.
    5. 5m and 15m adventures really should be split apart. Really.


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    Have you been on PTS lately?

    I think suggesting an overhaul before the first updates to it is expecting too much too soon.

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