usually a raid consist of 1-3 tanks, some healers and rest dps/support.
so we have 1-3 tanks and probably 1-2 persons who are able to tank if needed.
we have nowhere near 50% of ppl who are tanking or really want to tank. maybe just 10% of mages are interested in tanking.

so why are 50% of our drops tank gear drops?!? it should be more like 20%.

atm tanks getting more than enough drops and dps is far behind.
tanks should get their drops a bit faster since they play a very important role but the current situation is out of proportion.

a solution to this issue could be to implement one of the following:

- gear could be upgradable to either tank or dps gear.

- gear is showing its stats depending on your role. for a tank its tank gear, for a dps its dps gear and it stays that way once you get it.

- the chance for tank gear drops go down to 30%.