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Thread: Lag in 20 man raids but not really any other instances

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    Default Lag in 20 man raids but not really any other instances

    I know this has been an issue for awhile. Also I have played this game for a bit and I never remember having much lag in hk and the other vanilla instances. Also I haven't had much issues in the 10 man's, or even the tier 1 SL instances. However when t2 Sl came out I have only really have had lag or chopping frame rate in anything since then.

    The other thing that puzzles me is that I can get some ability lag in MS but I am perfectly fine in other 20 man instances like nightmare rifts.

    My question is, does the lag or whatever you want to call it have to do with the server you get put on? It doesn't make sense for this game to run great in nightmare rifts but not as good in MS. does anyone else experience the same thing? Might this have to do with how the newer instances have been designed?

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    I think it has something to do with all the snow effects in MS coupled with a lot of other on-screen bloat (boss 2 storm fx for example).

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    yah, mount sharax lags quite a bit for most everyone, it is probably all the environmental effects. and those whirlpool plant things, idk what that si about but they tend to bring me down several fps whenever one is visible
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