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Thread: Better first person.

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    Default Better first person.

    Quite simply put, one of the off putting features in most MMOs is when you go into first person you're there, but you can't physically see your character. I think it would be neat if a bit of work was done on first person so the player could have a more impressive first experience. Where if I happened to be riding a landshark, I'd be able to see my character's hands holding onto the reigns.

    I think a feature like this would be awesome with RIFT's existing Oculus Rift support and would be a great addition for both RPers and regular players to have fun with.
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    People play MMOs from first person? You miss out on a lot of spatial awareness by doing that.

    But I do agree, it'd be nice if FP mode showed you your body and legs if you looked down etc.

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