I do a lot of soloing. I was very happy when I could use my Defiant's Flare to call help when I soloed those footholds in the new Plane of Water areas. However, today I noticed something I think went totally wrong with this new area collaboration between Guardians and Defiants.

I was just outside Ghar Station Tau and wanted to do the foothold there...I called on my handy Defiant's Flare to bring in helpful troops.

Well, they spawned right there on the front steps of the station, but they totally ignored the foothold and started to take out all the station guards and any guardian players that just happened to come down the stairs shortly after I used the flare.

I think the problem with this is that the devs forgot that Guardians and Defiant's now share and collaborate on all pve fighting in the new Plane of Water....and I am almost positive it is the same with the Guardian's rendition of this flare to call for help.

Please adjust these two aspects for Defiant's and Guardian's "call for help" flares to be neutral in the Plane of Water.