I have a disorder called misophonia. Different people who have misophonia have different trigger sounds but generally it's always sounds produced by humans. Coughing is a common trigger and for me it's a major one. Basically, the misophonia response is a fight-or-flight reaction involving extremely disproportionate anger, fear, frustration, panic, etc. followed by sudden depression.

If the problem was grunting or yelling in combat, or the sound of eating/drinking a consumable, I wouldn't post this thread. Those sounds are to be expected in any game of this type and some people would miss them if they were removed.

The semi-frequent and very distinct coughing in Ambient and Environment background noise is on the other hand completely pointless and I'm pretty sure no one would miss it.
They're even counter-immersive, because they play regardless of whether there are any humanoids in the vicinity. You can be on a male character standing in an empty dimension and hear a female cough from nowhere.

I would love to be able to listen to Rift's other ambient/environment sounds. But I have to play with two entire audio sliders muted at all times.

It seems unlikely that it would take more than five minutes to delete the coughs, so time taken away from more important game improvement work shouldn't be an issue. Nothing would be harmed, nothing would be lost, nothing would be compromised.

I'm begging Trion to consider making this tiny change.
I can't be the only player with misophonia. Like I said, there are some potential trigger sounds that are more integral to the sound design and so forth, but this isn't one of those, so it shouldn't be a tall request to give such players the ability to enjoy the game more fully without being subjected to panic attacks while they're trying to relax.