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Thread: Minion overhaul suggestion

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    Default Minion overhaul suggestion

    This is mostly a QQ thread, but something I hope that will see a compromise between both the part of the community that loves the Minion system, and the part that believes it has had an adverse effect on the economy. I'll try to keep it brief.

    As more minions are gathered, we reach the point where stamina becomes irrelevant. This removes one part that I at least consider fun. So I was considering the introduction of heavy-stamina-requirement adventures that payout what Minions used to payout before the adjustment of Hotfixes #9 and #10. The stamina cost of those adventures should be 20, and duration could be 15min.

    Effects I believe this would have short-term: (a) Mass influx of items. (b) Bringing back stamina micromanagement of minions. (c) Giving incentive to level minions to 25 for the 20 stamina requirement. (d) Personal feeling that all minions are useful, even those with non-perfect adventure compatibility

    Effects I believe this would have long-term: (a) Reduction of items thrown into the economy by the minion system, due to stamina insufficiency. (b) Request for even more Minions to take advantage of the improved rewards.


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    I really liked World of Warcraft follower system. Follower missions can fail (although still gives follower experience). I would like to turn Minions into an actually game instead of how much items you get. Rift might have to get rid of the 1 minute quests if they would do something similar. I do think that implementing a failure minion mission and WoW's threat/counter would make things more interesting.

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    i don't think they will ever go back to the payouts of pre-hotfix cuz in my opinion that was done intentionally to lure peeps to buy extra minion slots. now that most peeps have been suckered into buying the extra slots (i bought all 4), they brought the payout down to what they truly meant to do. the old bait and switch.

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    I'm not sure it was bait and switch so much as they didn't expect how popular minions would actually be, and the effect that the payouts would have on the economy. I'm a huge fan of the minion system (though it does need some more variety, it's getting a bit predictable), but I still recognized that they were giving out way too much at once. It wouldn't be as bad if there were more sinks for the materials, but they dumbed down crafting so much that there is not much of value to do with the stuff.

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