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Thread: A new tool to deal with trolls - a supplement to the Ignore list

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    Default A new tool to deal with trolls - a supplement to the Ignore list

    In addition to the Ignore list, there should be a second list for trolls, the Comic Sans list.

    When you put a player on the Comic Sans list, all their messages will appear to you in Comic Sans. There is no quicker way to rob their words of their intended vitriol, than having it appear in Comic Sans.

    You can both continue to receive important, game-relevant messages from them, and get a good chuckle as you imagine them raging at you in a silly voice.

    And, similar to the Ignore function, if enough people put a troll on their Comic Sans lists, their words should start to appear as Comic Sans for everyone except the troll.

    This suggestion is probably funny (as it should be, as the intent is to smother trolls in humor at their expense!), but it's also serious. This would be a pretty great addition to the game.

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    I don't understand how this will help!

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    No, it wouldn't.

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    I nominate this suggestion to be one of the worst posted in 2014.

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