Lately once a week I have been regression raiding with who ever wants to go.It is easy enough to solo GSB and some others .But what ends up being best is 3 manning them.Seriously you always want to have odd numbered groups.Socially it just makes for a better dynamic.The 2 man chronicles were ok there were some worth while rewards to go in for.But 3 man would be better.Worst case scenario 2 people could do a 3 man the way 1 can do a 2 man when you are decently geared.3 man designed instances allow for creative mechanics and more comradery.I would even love to see an Epic in the way the old epic quest lines played out..I see a 3 man instance that would take multiple runs requiring clever and unique stage requirements and puzzle solving.With a nice gear drop at the end...Seriously something that could be upgraded to t1 or something.Or even just.Bolstering the old raids for 3 lvl 65's that would be awesome.The key thing is 3 man is a better dynamic.I wouldn't mind helping come up with ideas for 3 man content any time.I have plenty of ideas.