a possibility to add some "loyalty paths" kind of like the PA system. not everyone likes "consumables" or dimension items or pets as rewards but would be nice to be able to choose in between (pre max of a loyalty tier) what you want as a reward.

so each tick in loyalty earned would give you a choice between one of four maybe more rewards ( can only choose one until the end of that tier u can get more).

-maybe even adding and incentive for those sending or gifting something to a new player ( without requiring email)

- i am very big on the PA system I LOVE IT. however 1277 i am maxed out

perhaps in future can add a PA, based system towards the guild(to replace our current and somewhat dull guild perks)

PA to maybe include some of the following:

*better chances at getting higher quality artifacts
* more coin from vendors/bartering of some sort
* PA bonuses towards minion system ( cause minion system rocks <3)
* PA towards masteries and possibly the item enhancements that are in it ( such as vamp essence) getting a boost
*would really love to add more upgrade paths to items like you did with the most recent Seals
( with some more flexibility in currency use for upgrades.... obvious if a lesser currency used to upgrade it , a smaller stat increase. this would allow us to get rid of older currencies in a neat way. so older currencies = (10-40) = 1-3 to each stat on item [example] then 2-3 more for 50-60 currencies. and finally whatever we have for level 65 currencies ( but don't forget to add RAID currencies/NMR/HR currencies for the bigger boosts

and hopefully some other enhancements towards PA system ( cause i love it and it makes sense to do something more with it in the future)