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Thread: Some ideas #1

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    Default Some ideas #1

    (sorry for my bad English, still learning.)
    There are some of my ideas: (I know that this probably will never be read by admins)

    1: possibility to SAVE, custom video settings. Because every time I need to do a warfront, and set settings to min, I have to reset all after. Making all this more easier.

    2: make sure that you plugged all the holes in the map: I don't want to spend all my teleporting abilities and the /stuck command (especially in planes of water)

    3: Be more user-friendly in the forum. I don't know if I'm right but I don't see much replies from the staff on users discussion. (I'm Not saying that the staff must reply all the discussion, only the best and the more intelligents)

    4: the rift app must be fixed a little bit ^^

    If one of the staff have seen this post, I hope you will consider all this.
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    1; would be interesting, perhaps an extra spot in the "custom" option
    2; it's an ongoing process they are patching and covering holes, but with the size of the expansion (and the amount of holes there are) it's taking a while
    4; would be nice if your were more specific about what problems you were seeing or what you would like changed.

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    1. Like. A lot.

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