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Thread: PvP restriction for level 65

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    Default PvP restriction for level 65


    I got a suggestion for PvP level 65, because a lot of "i don't care for PvP, i'm here just to leech marks" players invaded since the new changes to the gear. I'm also seeing a lot of players who actually want to play, but they don't know what to do and walking around the map like headless chicken.
    So to restrict the pain for the PvP lovers who are actually last level and got ranks above Mercenary (60) in PvP you can put a restriction - Requirement for rank of atleast Mercenary if you are level 65. It is easy to hit rank 60 while you are leveling and by that time you will learn enough for the Warfronts so you can fit in easily.
    But i got no clue how this suggestion will fit with the "Instant level 60 bundle" and the players who are level 60-65 already. Open for suggestions and discussion about that thread. Thank you for your time! Keep the good work!

    P.s. Btw with the new changes about the players with losing streaks to be spread out in different teams i receive even more losing streaks now. I thought it will be for the best when i first read about it, but in practice is painful experience.

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    I actually like the Idea. Also it sound logical that Player who have earned a certain Prestige Level in PvP should play together. For you're Idea we could have have Prestige Tiers Play against each other in PvP once you hit max level.

    Prestige Tiers at Level 65, could range from
    + Tier 1: Free for All: 0 - 80
    + Tier 2: Prestige: 0 - 30
    + Tier 3: Prestige: 31 - 50
    + Tier 4: Prestige: 51 - 79
    + Tier 5: Ascendeds of Warfare: Prestige 80

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