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Thread: Planar attunement item buffs.

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    Default Planar attunement item buffs.


    could you please;

    A) Change the top tier item buffs having different buff on level 61+ items.

    B) Add better PA buffs to tier 3 for level 61+ items, for example;

    - Dream Edge/Whatever - adds 115 AP/SP one handed
    - Nighmare Edge/whatever - adds 230 AP/SP two handed
    - Earthen Spikes - Deals +115 damage to attacker on block
    - Nighmare Sigil - Adds +85 main stat to one handed or two handed.
    - Nighmare Grip - increases Endurance by 15 reduces time of disarm effects by 1 second.

    (These are done from warrior perspective, not sure what stuff casters have in PA)
    Requires a PA level/point total of 5 levels/points. (Planar charge in death doesn't need changing)

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    I think, the most useful would be make all this values as % of appropriated value + character level dependence. for sample, something like this:
    [appropriate value]*coefficient_1 + [character level]*coefficient_2
    with correct coefficients, it'll be useful as for low level characters, as for top level and not overpower top geared.
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