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Thread: Guild Roster Suggestion

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    Default Guild Roster Suggestion

    Hi, Well this would be a very small but helpful thing. I was wondering if in the guild roster would show what characters are linked to what account. So say "player x" has his main character X but he creates an alt named "altx" and gets the alt brought into the guild. Now the guild roster is showing 3 ppl instead of the actual 2. It also makes it easier for the Guild master to tell how many ppl he has to create a raid/dungeon group with. Maybe make it so a player can set a character as their MAIN and then in the guild roster if they have more then one character in there only the MAIN shows up but if you click on the MAIN it shows a sub list of the players alts in the guild.

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    I think Trion wont be able to do that because of its privacy policies.

    however one thing you could do is have everyone in the guild claim their alts in the guild notes so a guild leader could go to the roster, and see who's online by looking at the notes "X is on, Y's alt is on, Z is on" etc. (if people are having a hard time updating their notes you could put it in officer notes)

    Also the addon BIS calendar allows you to schedule events, have sign ups, and create squads. I've seen guilds have one of the squads be "alts"

    hope this helps
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    Problem with using the notes is that they aren't visible without clicking on the character's name. It'd be nice if a main/alt relationship was visible from a glance at the roster.

    But as was mentioned the actual account name would need to remain private.
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