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Thread: New form of zone event

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    Default New form of zone event

    so in one of the Rift promotional videos
    it shows a whole bunch of water rifts all within spitting distance of each other and hordes of invasions marching out from them. I think this could really have some great gameplay aspects

    So here's my Idea for a new type of zone event,

    phase 1; announcement as usual, followed by the revealing of the location of the standard three wardstones that are going to be attacked (allow people to get there/ power them up) then planar invasions launch a massive siege of the wardstones (lighter than swarm of the century was though) then after a few minutes of surviving at the wardstones, you have another announcement initiating...

    Phase 2; a major rift is opened surrounded by 4-6 other rifts of the same element.(perhaps even have footholds or fortress event style cannons making a perimeter around the 4-6 rifts) so anyone watching their maps see a small area is torn open and completely obliterated by the rifts. invasions spawn from all of the above continuing to lay seige to the wardstones in the surrounding area. so instead of players dividing up between defending wardstones from invasions and closing rifts, you fight your way through the invasions to get to the rifts.

    the 4-6 rifts surrounding the major rift will be specific to the invasion and may or may not have more mechanics than a normal rift, but finishing and closing the rifts will make the center one vulnerable. (via removing a stack of some kind of "empowered" buff or by dropping cannons to break the center shield etc)

    Phase 3; the center rift (when completed) will drop the Zone event boss.

    depending on the zone event (element, etc) the surrounding rifts may drop cannons that break the boss' shield (think Great hunts) or perhaps provide support platforms (think strongholds) or perhaps nothing, then the boss fight would go on as normal.

    I know that this would require a lot of work, and zones would have to be prepared for this type of event and have a large enough space for the "core" (perhaps have it be a raid tear spawning point during normal play), but this is one thing RIFT has been good at doing. Zone events that forced guardian and defiant to compete for resources (stillmoor) where an entire new region opened up only when Volan BROKE DOWN THE WALL(ashora) so why not?

    the "Kill invasions-> close rifts-> kill boss" zone events are kinda boring to be honest. I love it when people actually have to think and work together. and what says "fight back the rising tide" like actually pushing the invasions back to the very rifts that spawned them.

    I would be glad to hear Ideas and constructive criticism on this.

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    I agree. PLEASE give us some diversity in zone events. I never tired of Volan - one of the best events the a Dev's made IMHO. I like getting bonuses for something we have to work together to achieve (Tail whipped). I'm hoping something similar is in the works

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