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Thread: Minion dimension item idea

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    Default Minion dimension item idea

    One of the biggest complains is the number of dimension item quests we get from minion adventures. I got to thinking that there may be a simple solution to this. With a bit of programming, you could create a contest that takes advantage of these surplus dimension items.

    1) Create a sign-up npc in the capital cities. Players who sign-up receive access to a special blank dimension and vault.

    2) Player chooses a theme for their special dimension. Could be any of the currently existing one, or ones you have chosen/made just for this contest.

    3) Upon signing up, all dimension item rewards auto-open and deposit into the special vault, minus the "keys" of course. Vault can be examined at any time by entering the dimension checking there. As long as the item does NOT leave said dimension, it may be used or returned to the vault.

    4) ONLY items that were deposited in the vault may be used in this dimension. Players will not be able to put anything into the vault other than items that were already flagged for the dimension ( that it, the items deposited there from the minion adventures, no bringing in other dimension items).

    Obviously, players would have concerns over the randomness of what one receives as rewards, but that is the beauty of this. The contest is essentially being the most inventive with the rewards themselves.One does not have to use all of the items deposited, and can remove them from the dimension for other uses if they wish (noting of course, once removed from the dimension, they are no longer allowed to be used for the contest). And may, of course, return items into the vault if needed that were positioned into the dimension.

    I would recommend this being a long running contest, maybe a year long to give plenty of time for people to get the exact look they want to try to achieve. Once the time limit is up, the dimensions are locked in and your select group begins choosing the top ones. Then those top ones are them made open to the community to check out and then one final vote from the community itself determines the true winner(s).

    One of the prizes for being a top winner could easily be having that dimension itself as a permanent award.

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    I had fun reading this but man that's a lot of work when a skip feature could be in the works for minions and Dimension storage like a guild bank would be a lot less resources.
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