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Thread: Currency Exchange

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    Default Currency Exchange

    On a level 60, i have 16 different types of in game currencies not including coin or credits. I dont even do a variety of stuff in game in which i could collect all possible currencies. Most of these currencies have an extremely limited use. Sourcestones for example are very limited level wise and now we cant even turn them into planerite or send them to other toons. With nightmare rifts i get loads of sourcestones for levels way below me.

    To me its all a useless waste. Why give me pointless currency? Currency being so limited in use makes it a very niche item. By time you get enough of one currency to purchase something that would be useful its not useful anymore or barely an upgrade.

    So how about making that old currency actually useful? What if we had an NPC in which we could trade all currency( except actual coins and credits)?

    It would work something like this:

    1) You convert the currency you want, say source stones, into a new currency credit( this acts as a medium between all currencies) that is taxed( lost) at 10%. Each currency is worth the new currency credit( referred to as CC from here on out) depending on how hard it is to obtain. Planerite or favor might be 1000 for 900 CC( just to make this easy to explain). corrupted sourcestones( thats the low level ones) might be worth 9 CC for 2 stones)

    2) These credits can be transferred back into other currency at another 20% loss. So it might cost 1000 CC to get 800 favor. So If you wanted to convert 1000 planerite to favor... you would get 900 CC for the planerite. Then you would get 720 favor for the 900 CC. This would provide a currency money sink and allow us to make use of useless currency( to us)

    3) This NPC ( or another) would also sell various new "buff" consumables that are stackable with other buffs, persistent through death, and last a short duration( max say 15 minutes). Every 20 levels a new more powerful version of these consumables would be available for you at a greater cost. These would be soulbound and available for CC only from this vendor. Buffs would be of 3 types and dont stack with buffs of the same type : Primary stat buffs( str, int, dex, wis, end), secondary stats( crit, attack, resist, etc), General buffs( run speed, mount run speed, crafting and gathering type buffs, etc)

    This would be a good way of using excess currency we dont need but still get and have. Right now on one toon alone i have hundreds of sourcestones that are basically useless to me. It would be nice if they were actually useful since i have no way of getting rid of them like i do actual items.

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    Play it like a mmo and your tripping over the upper limits on token currency with zero effort. My group pulled a four horseman of the apocalypse in iron pines the other night riding up and shutting down all the footholds and rifts middle of the night. Blew all the planarite on throwdowns while working to thirty.

    If you really want to just dump old tokens buy stuff and break it with crafting. Nearly 100% of my augment mats come from breaking old token blues.

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    I somewhat agree with the Op. The idea to take away the planerite chests was a bad one. switch it back. you get way more sorcestones than you can spend. But at level you cannot get enough planerite to use them. There have been many bad ideas that have come from this xpac.

    Dev team please use this advice when makeing changes

    1. Do we need to do this. yes/no

    2. Will this change make the game better. yes/no

    3. Is this making the game Pay to win. Yes/no

    that will give you a good base line on if it is a good idea or not. mostly if something is not broke leave it alone.

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