I've had a love/hate relationship with shadows over the years; I love how they look, but I hate the performance hit. It used to be I'd see a 16% or so drop, 8 FPS out of 50, when enabling environmental shadows and then another 2-3 FPS on top of that for full shadows. Now I see a 33% drop, 15-17 FPS out of 45, across the board. There is quite simply no performance difference between Low and Ultra.

So right now my request is simple. Since we are now forced to take either the full performance hit or no performance hit just make it a simple on/off toggle. Having a quality setting is misleading as it confers no performance benefit to set shadows to Low as compared to Ultra, and I honestly don't see any valid reasons to run graphics options at lower settings without a commensurate increase in performance.

TBH I don't really understand why the old "Full Shadows" was made the new "Low." Having such a massive performance hit and all shadows generated doesn't really strike me as a "Low" sort of option. Just having NPC/player shadows displayed would have been far more appropriate for "Low."