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Thread: Inquisitor Changes

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    Default Inquisitor Changes

    Circle of Oblivion - 3 second channel - casts Soul Drain each second. 1 minute cooldown (36 hits full channel)
    -or- buffs group of enemies - next time the enemy receives a stack of soul drain, it receives an additional stack (24 hits max instead of 12) 45 second cd not affected and doesnt affect gcd.
    -or- receive a buff - resets the cooldown of soul drain: next soul drain cast hits an additional 2 targets (20 hits max) 1minute cd. resets the cooldown of soul drain
    this is a high tier inq. spend a point ability....that is essentially unused. make it good.
    (take away yellow particle effect..change color to glowy ultraviolet blueish purple with black/white particles, keep pentagram theme)

    Trepidation- targeted 3s aoe channel 1rst tick -maelstrom effect, 2nd tick - fear - fear is broken after 6.1%dmg (.1% per point spent in inq)
    3rd tick -spreads all death based dots and spiritual deficiency to 5 targets 1minute cooldown
    (again a highly unused ability that could be tweaked to find a home in our rotation)

    aggressive renewal - refreshes vex, the dot from bod, and scourge (along with the scourge buff)
    harsh discipline - refreshes vex, the dot from bod, and scourge (along with the scourge buff) still a channel, but changed to life dmg to make up for the loss of gcds. (4 ticks of life and death concord)

    Shroud of Agony - can be cast on 1 person (Tank. of course)

    armor of awakening, armor of devotion, and armor of treachery are stackable ..as 1 cast of armor of the inquisitor.
    10% dmg 10% crit 3% end 3% armor (essentially just a 5% upgrade to crit)

    zealotry - fanaticism adds 5 stacks (instead of 3)

    also ..a seperate customizable buff bar so that we can choose which of our buffs to hide so its easy to track things like life and death concord and a debuff bar that
    can be seperated from the targets portrait frame so we can monitor debuffs/dots easily without an addon

    Would be alot nicer to see changes like these instead of just an across the board dmg increase, which would be nice, but underwhelming and unfun.

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    You should post this in the current Inquisitor discussion thread in the cleric discussion forums. Read the rest of the thread first though to see what Kervik is already proposing to do.

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