I play both male and female characters, and in my opinion, the appearance and design of gear is often fantastic for male characters and "meh" for female characters.

For example, the Silverwood Defender bundle: the male version of the chestpiece is a full tunic with grey half-sleeves, a belt design, and a studded kilt; the female version is a bra. The male version of the pants are actual pants, with creases at the knees; the female version is something like mid-thigh, skin tight stockings.

Basically, I'm tired of not having a choice in how my gear looks, based on the gender of my character. I don't like that gear (especially chestpieces) looks like proper armor on males, but turns into bras, dresses, or skirts on females; for immediate reference, check out the Fae Yule, Gothic, Rake's, and Aelfwar bundles on the store. (Most gear has this appearance switch based on gender, these are just fast and easy to view since they're store bundles).

Anyway, I think the forced gender appearance of gear is especially odd considering that it is not applied 100% across the board. For example, there's very little variation between male and female versions of the Lifebound Steel, Hammerknell, Infernal Dawn, Frozen Tempest, and Storm Legion bundles.

Do I think that bras, skirts, dresses, and mid-thigh stockings should go away? No, of course not. But I would REALLY love to see my hardcore female rogue wearing the male version of the Rake's bundle (for example).

So, I'm suggesting that Trion implement a wardrobe toggle switch, where you can indicate which "gender" you'd like to use for the appearance of your gear. I'm thinking you could swap back and forth between genders at will (in the same way that you can activate a second role, or move between wardrobe sets, and so on). This feature could be a patron perk, and/or it could be a feature purchased through the store.

As far as appearance goes... we already have a barbershop; race and sex changes; extra hair-styles; extra skin-colors; and armor dyes. This one feature would be a logical next step for allowing players to manage the appearance of their beloved characters.

So, please implement a gender-based appearance toggle; and in the words of Philip J. Fry, "Shut up and take my money!"

Thanks for considering my suggestion.