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Thread: Account Wide Rares?

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    Default Account Wide Rares?

    I am on the fence about shared rep. On one hand, I don't want things to be too easy, but SL is a grind.

    I LOVE that we can share runes and quartermaster stuff w. alts though. Also really love that store costume items and mounts can be bought for alts as well, being an altoholic of the worst kind.

    I would like to have Rares killed shared across alts. I cannot count how many times I'm leveling an alt, or gathering, and that pesky rare shows up, much to the dismay of my main toon.

    I get that rare hunting is supposed to be a very long-term leisure activity and ultimately I have no problem with that. I guess what I am asking is a contradiction. :/

    Anyone have a comment about this? I'd love to hear others' thoughts.
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    I like this idea. It took me so long to get them all.

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    oh my god I would love this.

    I've killed all the freemarch rares. On 5 different toons. None has more than 3 killed.
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