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Thread: No Dps Mainhand for Rogues for 45000 ESM

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    Default No Dps Mainhand for Rogues for 45000 ESM

    Every class can buy a weapon for 45.000 / 90.000 Empyreal Slayer Marks, for ranged slot and for melee slot.
    However rogues are the only class that has no dps weapon for melee, but only a tank one. They get a tank bow, a tank sword and a dps bow. Why is that?
    Every class has a melee dps weapon except rogues.

    Why is this? Is this going to be changed? Is there a thread for this already?
    thanks for the help

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    Clerics dont have a DPS/heal 1h either. There is a 2h for dps, but when you already have a offhand drop, having to spend 90k instead of 45k sucks. Not sure about mage/warrior, but would be nice is there were at least one option for each.... 1h tank, 1h heal, 2h dps, etc.
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    I haven't got the Marks yet to check this but I'll be distressed if it's the case when I do...

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