I was hoping for dimension with more than just still statues and items. The interactive items was a good improvement, however I'm hoping for more life. Being able to buy pet animals or hire guards to protect my dimension would look real nice, moreover hunting grounds, foraging farms, fishing ponds and Mines (that may be accessible to visitors) will give more life to dimensions.

I was also thinking of some kind of Dimension Quests.
As the lord of your dimension you can get petitions/request from your settlers or even from the captain of the guard.
The petitions are varied, from a simple decision making between executing or having to free a thief caught stealing from your cellar(may yield a reward like gaining a new spy(prevents loss to generated income in your dimension)).. did I mention income, Yes, I would also like to suggest having an interactive dimension that will allow planting of trees or plants that can be harvester or digging for a mine that can be a source of gold or platinum or other ores. This additional items could also be purchased from the Rift Store. If a guest player mines or forages or hunts in your dimension you will receive a tax percentage of income. This would make it more fun for player to enhance their dimensions and invite more players to visit them. More profit for Trion and more fun for us. I think this is a win win scenario. If you need clarification to my suggestion you may contact me through my email address.

I hope this helps,
thank you and more power.