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Thread: Cutscene subtitles

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    Default Cutscene subtitles

    I entered those two words in the search feature and got back "No results found."

    (/end disclaimer)

    A suggestion for subtitles in existing cutscenes, including the start-of-game cutscene (A Guardian opens a Life Rift to help deal with two Defiant pursuers) and the two cutscenes for starting a new character (one for Guardian, one for Defiant).

    Don't do it just because all most if not all, other games also do it. Please DO consider doing it because some people have an easier time following conversation when it's subtitled. Asking me to turn up my speakers' volume would set the neighbors complaining about their kids needing to sleep.
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    On this note i would actually like to see rewarding cutscenes that tie into the lore of this game, albeit terrible, but still would like to see something after killing Crucia/Regulos/Volan/Abominus to give it a little more sense of reward. Whilst I do not understand what it takes to make that so, it would be a nice and welcome addition for those like me who want at least some interesting story line along with the content instead of just going in, killing bosses, getting loot, making alts and doing it again.

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    Default Yes

    I would lie subtitles as the fact that I'm part hearing impaired I'm deaf I one ear so it gets really hard for me to hear / keep track of some of the cutscenes and turning up volume doesn't help cause of loud noises then blow your ears off

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