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Thread: Greater essence breakdown tool.

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    Default Greater essence breakdown tool.

    I would like the idea to have another service item like ''planar essence removal device'' but used to breakdown greater essences back into the BoE greater + lesser essence. I first started with an illuminated tidesource to heal then switched to dps and got searing + charred and finally changed the searing for a flowing tidesource.. Now i have 2 greaters sitting in my banks forever and concidering the prices those go for it would be nice to have another utility for them.
    Ofc the best scenario would be to be able to resale the BoE greater but even being able to seperate the 2 pieces to choose another stats path for an alt or something.

    Would be nice if we could buy such an item, and lose the lycini bender stone along the way or something.

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    I agree - the ability to breakdown the greater would be much desired! It would be great if I could to get that wasted nefarious back!
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