while i was leveling i discovered the City of Tulan.

it is awesome. i even love the horn that blows. it reminds me of the end of that christmas classic move "Hogfather".

so i do all my crafting there. i may go to tempest bay, but when doing a serious crafting session, even for daily/weeklies, i do it in Tulan.

i am not always getting punted to different instances, i dont have to worry about 100 other players running around, there are all the tools relatively close together, and they have the trainers. plus while you are there, you are gaining rested.

so what is missing from Tulan?

An Auctioneer
A Banker(s)

if these NPCs were added near the crafting area, then the only reason i would be going to Tempest Bay would be to get and then turn in my Crafting Quests.

hell, i could even BIND here!