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Thread: Toggle selection for Warfront Teamsettings.

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    Default Toggle selection for Warfront Teamsettings.

    I created a defiant character, specifically because I wanted to play PvP in Warfront with Defiants. To my utter horror, in all the games I have played so far with my new character; not a single time have I gotten to actually play in the black garden as a Defiant. I am constantly being selected to play as a mercenary for the other side; which greatly upsets me considering why I selected to create a defiant character in the first place. I suggest that players be able to choose in their Warfront settings weather they can be selected as mercenary's or not. I would rather wait 3x's as long to get a match where I can play for my own team; than constantly be thrown in with the Ascended teams due to their lack of players. I only think it's fair that players should be able to choose to stay dedicated to their role and team selection in a MMORPG.

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    Warfronts no longer use your faction to determine who you are playing with. Even if you could lock yourself to the red team, you still have the high probability of playing with people who are not Defiant.

    Teams are now chosen before you get placed on Red or Blue. They're based on an internal ELO rating with other factors. This is Matchmaking 2.0, factions are not a "thing" in war fronts now.

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