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Thread: Suggestion: Cash shop Storm Legion soul unlock

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    Default Suggestion: Cash shop Storm Legion soul unlock

    Its would be nice if you add to cash shop souls from Storm Legion as a single character unlock.
    Many ppl don't want buy this big soul pack for 3500(€17.95)for whole account, but gladly would have bought unlock for one charcter their class soul for ~ 5(€5)

    In other words, add to cash shop:

    1.Warrior: Tempest soul unlock - 975(€5)
    2.Rogue: Tactician soul unlock - 975(€5)
    3.Mage: Harbinger soul unlock - 975(€5)
    4.Cleric: Defiler soul unlock - 975(€5)
    (and most importantly, that the price does not exceed €5)
    With this simple action you can earn more money.
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