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Thread: New race looks or revamping current ones

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    Default New race looks or revamping current ones

    I feel if there is one thing that Rift lacks in, is the customization of looks SPECIFICALLY for the males of each race.

    Being a male in RL, I really am not too fond of making female characters,, (I just find it kinda weird) but i've almost felt i've had to because the females have a variety of attractive looks from hair to facial features. (And I mean "attractive" as in just looking BETTER)

    With males, the "humans" on each side are pretty much bland and it makes it where most human raced characters look the same.(As seen here, most have this same kind of look outside of markings http://community.riftgame.com/wp-con...osian_male.jpg )

    The hairstyles look silly so it almost makes you go bald or buzz cutt by default. I also feel the human races are almost the same and the differences aren't too appealing. I would bring up hairstyles more, however I believe hairstyles have been noted already by many. (And please don't bring up the new ones. It's been already noted that they are mostly just spread out more by race rather new styles)

    I would gladly drop cash for different races as well. Maybe add a few features like shaping of the eyes. Eyes make up a lot of the character and I think that would change a lot.
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